Thursday, May 26, 2011

Animation test

My first attempt at animation in a long time. I think the last thing I tried was also a walk-cycle.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

True West

A poster I recently finished for Vancouver's Main Street Theatre Company. Their next production is Sam Shepard's True West, an amazing piece of theatre. Truly tense and disturbing.

This is the fourth poster I've done for the company and, I'll admit, it was the first time I've actually read one of the plays. I usually base the image off of a brief synopsis (although I did watch the film version of American Buffalo).

I now realize how much I've missed in each play previous to this one. I read the first line of True West (a description of the character's costumes) and I began scribbling notes in my sketchbook. Every page offered a new interpretation of the work! Slight nuances in speech, descriptions of sounds, interactions between characters...

Anyways, I'm really happy with how it turned out

Thanks again to Ryan, Daryl, Josh and Stephen.

The Feathertale Review

This illustration was done for The Feathertale Review's 8th issue, which will be out this fall. It accompanies a smart little story about the author's resemblance to a particular film actor. I won't mention that actor's name, as I hope the illustration is well-executed enough to make it obvious.
Thanks to Lee Wilson for this entertaining assignment.

Whazamo! Profiles

I've been featured in Open Book Toronto's Whazamo Profiles this month. Open Book Toronto is "celebrating the outstanding graphic novels and comics published here in Ontario and throughout the country" and I'm honoured to be included in that list! Click here to read on...
There's a (very) short interview and a few links to where you can find some great comics.
(Here's to you, Miss Koyama!!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

NUVO Magazine - Cougar Cruise

An illustration I did recently for the Last Writes section in Vancouver's NUVO Magazine.

The image accompanied a surreal article about a "Cougar Cruise" that takes place in Toronto.

Basically, participants pay a fee to take an evening cruise around the Toronto harbour, in the hopes of hooking up with an attractive older woman. Actually, a really funny article full of some very interesting characters.

Thanks to Art Director Mark Reynolds for this one. Always a pleasure.

New York Times Op-Ed

An illustration for the Op-Ed page in today's New York Times. A smoking ban in public New York parks and beaches goes into effect on May 23rd. Sounds good to me.

Thanks again Alexandra Zsigmond. Always awesome to work with.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Creative Type III

I did this piece for the Creative Type III show, which just recently came down. This is the second year I've submitted a piece and I enjoyed it immensely.

I hardly ever use type in my work, and I know next-to-nothing about traditional typographic methods, but something about these projects was so appealing. Just getting out my ruler and being PRECISE was a pleasure. I guess it's because I'm trying something different, something that challenges me. That's important.

Thanks a ton to Carla Poirier, Jaque Lane and Blair Johnsarude. They let me eek through the deadline and submit something at the last minute.

The show would not go on without them!