Saturday, May 22, 2010

Montecristo Magazine illustrations

Illustrations JUST finished for Montecristo Magazine out of Vancouver. About men's health in Vancouver, BC.
Worked with Mark Reynolds again on this one. Thanks man! I'm really happy with them!

New York Times Magazine spots.

For the past five Sundays I've been doing spots for the New York Times Magazine.
Each pair of illustrations accompanied a tech story for the Points of Entry column. I have to give my heartfelt thanks to Leo Jung, whose art direction was amazing. Thanks so much for the opportunity Leo!!

This was another new experience for me as the size of the spots were quite small. It was a challenge figuring out what details to include and what to leave out, and how to make the ideas come across in the images. I'm pretty happy with the final product.

Pieces for One 2 Many show at Steamwhistle gallery.

My pieces for a group show at Toronto's Steamwhistle gallery called One 2 Many. The theme was loosely based around the collision of the natural environment with the urban. It was a good show with a great group of artists: Patrick Kyle, Adrian Forrow, Ryan Lake, Jim Mezei, Kellen Hatanaka, Alexis Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson and Beside Herself Printing.
Jim really took the lead on this one. Thanks buddy.

Two pieces selected to appear in the American Illustration Annual!!

Lumberjerks and Central Park Smoke Break are both from the 2009 Wowee Zonk Suicide Pact show at Board of Directors gallery.
They will appear in the American Illustration Annual which launches November 11th.
I hope to be there in NY for the launch!