Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Koyama Press!!

This is a piece I did for Anne Koyama of Koyama Press.

Background: I am one-third of an art collective called Wowee Zonk. The remaining two-thirds consist of my best friends Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle. They are way better artists than I am and they constantly amaze me with the work they create.

Annie thought the same and was gracious enough to publish a book cataloguing some of our work. It's called 'Pobody's Nurfect' and you can buy it here.

Anyways, Annie has been asking her extensive list of amazing artists to produce their version of her logo. This was my attempt!

I love you, Annie!!!!

New Comic Book

I've started a new comic book entitled 'Complex'. Here is a sample of what's to come.

Pages 2 and 5 respectively.


This is a piece I did for a zine called 'Prison for Bitches'.

It was put together by my friends Ryan Sands and Michael Deforge.

Ryan is the creator of the amazing Electric Ant Zine (which I've lovingly contributed to twice) and the Same Hat blog.

Deforge is a crazy talented illustrator who constantly blows my mind.

This was a super project to contribute to as it included a LOT of talented people. Some more well-known artists such as Johnny Ryan and Michael Kupperman participated, but also a bunch of up and comers like myself.

Buy it online, it's a great big book and it's totally worth it.