Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYTimes Op-ed

A little piece I did for February 10's New York Times Op-ed page. Read about it here.

This was a tricky assignment as it was the night before former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was supposed to resign. The Times was looking for an image that could be general enough to work in any given scenario that might play out over those 24 hours. Extra tricky as it had to fit within a 2.15" x 2.5" box.
Extra Extra tricky was the timeline: assigned at 12 pm, 3 roughs by 2:30pm, final by 5:30pm.

I found that working within such a tight deadline had me trusting my instincts a lot more than ususal. Less hemming and hawing, more going with the gut. I need to try to approach all illustration assignments like this, whatever the deadline may be.

A huge thanks to Alexandra Zsigmond at the Times.

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